Founded in 2008, the company in relatively short span becomes a well known indoor and outdoor advertising company in the region. At hopeland we offer flexible service and solutions in regards to client needs and specifications at the same time churning out products of unmatched quality.

Over the past year we have grown steadily in quality, production and size at the same time we have gradually witnessed out clients grown in their respective markets and brands, emanating from professional branding. Hopeland advertising and design Ltd is managed by a team of professionals with international experience in printing and advertising field. Apart from managing the company this team travels around the world to keep up to date with latest equipment and products available thus ensuring Hopeland position in the market.




Profit:                  Maximizing returns to shareholders
People:                Will be inspired to be the best they can be
Portfolio:             Offering a portfolio class advertising solution
Partners:             Nurturing a winning network and buildings mutual loyalty




Achieving the status of being the best indoor and outdoor advertising company by providing advertising solutions with International standards transforming us into the preferred branding company in Kenya.


Being persistent in our pursuit of competitive advantage, acting always with highest integrity


At all times managing our company’s business, its assets and resources responsibly as if they were our own, while having fun as we strive to excel


Our commitment
We commit to the vision and mission of our company in so doing, we will control our own destiny


Commitment to customers
We will continually develop our knowledge and understanding of our customers business and aspiration
We will ensure that our price for value (service and quality) proposition is unrivalled in our industry
We will strive to ensure that we can offer a service that will delight our customers thereby forging strong alliance that will ensure our own success
We will leverage our relationship with customers to maximize marketing opportunities.


Commitment to suppliers
We will work towards long term mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers
We will use our suppliers as partners in getting us the best cost, service, quality and innovation to the benefit of our customers
We will insist on cost transparency from our supplier at all times
We will pay our suppliers on time


Associates companies
Rokim group Ltd: for road signage’s and light boxes
We offer a wide range of advertising products and services that meet all your outdoor and indoor advertising requirements.





  • Creative Design
  • Flatbed Printing
  • Banner Printing
  • Interior Design
  • Stationery Sypply